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Unfolding as a live collage installation, ‘Doing & Undoing Islands’ explored the ever-evolving notion of home and the relationship we share with landscape. What began with insular thoughts between artists Tom Lovelace and Emily Ryalls, unravelled as an exhibition, forming space for collective connections to landscape, asking how we deal with and negotiate disappearing landscapes.

Through sculptural framing and collaborative curation, Lovelace and Ryalls will activate images and objects – allowing them to move, fold, disappear and reappear. In turn, places, memories, images will collide, expand and collapse.

The work consists of a set of 6 images and a moving image piece and meditates on what place can mean to an individual as well as what it means to attempt to represent the places we inhabit. Place is always shifting and moving with us, it is a constructive product of human experience, and without our involvement it would lose its definition.

Through the video and the set of pictures, paper is stuck together to make it into something that can be sculpted, shaped and able to flow, depicting our need to control and define a place, make it our own. Combining this with the use of the wind which disrupts my movements and opens the paper back up, the work explores how one moves through the landscape how it molds them and they impress themselves back onto it.